Gait Torq 2 Unstrung Head

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The Gary and Paul Gait are legends of the game of lacrosse. There are arguments that they are two of the best to ever play the game of lacrosse. Their legendary brand Gait Lacrosse is back for 2022! They are working hard to bring Gait Lacrosse to the front of the line in lacrosse gear!

The Torq line of lacrosse heads is back keeping its original design that has continued to make it very popular in the game of lacrosse. Gait Torq continues to be a stringer's dream head to string. The multi-hole stringing system makes for unpresented stringing options making it one of most customizable heads on the market. The stringing rib on the inside of the head gives you an easy option to tie-off your shooters, while keeping the head legal at all levels

  • Designed toward Attack and Midfielders
  • Stiffest and lightest head in the Gait line at 4.4 Oz’s
  • Traditional Narrow Pocket makes it easier to catch every tough pass in traffic
  • Accuracy and Ball Security is off the charts with the Tapered Sidewall