Mogul Mesh Lacrosse Mesh - Dynamic

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Mogul Mesh Dynamic is made with a special military fiber used in the Special Forces, it can literally stop bullets! The fiber is the strongest fiber in the world, with a strength 15-times greater than steel. Used in a vast array of applications, this fiber makes the perfect lacrosse mesh, as is doesn’t stretch and will never bag out. Mogul Mesh Dynamic is truly waterproof, no chemicals or coatings are needed with this mesh

– it floats on water and will never get water-logged.

The durability of the mesh is truly amazing! It is abrasion and cut resistant, so this mesh will stand up against harsh and punishing weather conditions and abuse. At 18 grams, Mogul Mesh Dynamic is ultra light-weight and gives you the offensive-edge in the high-paced game of lacrosse, where every small detail counts!