Re-Lax Discovery Unstrung Head

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The Discovery

Shift Throat

Material is minimized on the front and back side of the throat, giving an ergonomic feel and extra control cradling one-handed. Approx. 5mm gain to pocket depth.

The flush, open, throat connection gives the head the maximum allowable offset within the rules. More offset than any other head on the market to date. Increase feel, increased ball retention, increased control. Discover your true potential.

A split tongue insert creates stability to compensate for the lack of material in the front of the throat.

***May require heat applied to the throat via hot water or heat gun to fit on larger circumference shafts***

Sense Scoop

An aggressive scoop angle allows for more vertical ground balls. A separate top string beam adds stiffness and gives a smooth pick-up. Stay upright and full sprint on GBs.

Face Shape & Sidewall Profile

Tight face shape for the offensive player. Flared, non-parallel side walls aid in creating a tight but free-flowing channel.

Sidewall designed to string a mid to low pocket naturally.

19 stringing holes provide great pocket customization potential, without being overwhelming.