STX Hammer 500 Lacrosse Head

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The STX Hammer 500 resembles the original Hammer head that was a staple in STX’s line of lacrosse heads, but don’t be deceived by what you see. The upgrades from the original Hammer to the Hammer 500 may seem minor, yet they will definitely have an impact on your game. The Speed Scoop Technology at the top of the head is a more rounded scoop than the slightly pointed scoop of the original Hammer. It also has a raised lip to create less drag on groundballs. Indented top string areas create less wear and tear on the mesh and strings. This scoop will make groundballs easier and faster from almost any angle.

The Hammer 500 has the same 3-rail side wall brace, though they have been shifted slightly lower in the head to create better rigidity and stiffness for checks. C-Channel technology is also found in this head to distribute stress evenly along the bottom rail to help prevent breakage of the stringing holes. Most defensive heads are wide, too wide sometimes, and STX has taken notice of this and made the Hammer 500 a little more pinched to help with ball control and string a better channel in the head.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Strike Plate found near the top of the head on the sidewall. This is not just for looks; this little plate is there to help take the abuse from the booming checks defensemen lay on their opponents. The STX Hammer 500 defines “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, and they took what was already great and made it better. They say the little things matter in life and STX has paid attention to detail on this Defensive Head.