True HZRDUS Heavy Duty Defense Lacrosse Shaft 60"

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HZRDUS features HD construction with a heavier wall, for those defenders looking for maximum strength in a performance composite 60-inch shaft. The slight concave shape and fine-texture grip provide improved grip for maximum stick control & punishing stick checks.

  • Our proprietary HD composite construction is our toughest most durable shaft design - tested and approved at the highest levels of professional and collegaite lacrosse.

  • Features our fine texture & constrictor grip to provide maximum stick control and in any weather condition.

  • Our special base tack grip finish at the top of the stick helps keep the stick on your opponent when performing lift checks and slap checks.

  • Perfectly balanced design and slightly stiffer flex profile allows you to quickly throw checks and pokes on the run as well as transition the ball up the field on clears.